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Writing Exercise Night

  • Yukon Church 11715 Northwest 10th Street Yukon, OK, 73099 United States (map)

It’s time to write! During this workshop, you’ll want to bring your laptop, tablet, or notebook. We’ll be taking part in the following writing exercises from the book Now Write:

  1. Edit This! — You’ll receive a super-short story you must copyedit. Take everything you’ve learned from our workshops and apply it to this exercise. The person who finds all errors receives a prize.

  2. Pull a Hemingway — In this exercise, you will focus on cutting the fat in your writing and focusing on succinct narrative.

  3. Kiss Me — Your character is kissing someone and you must describe the event in artistic detail without ever using the word kiss or lips or mouth. The goal here is to use the five senses in your writing and to dip deeper in your narrative.

  4. Keep the Engine Running — Our most in-depth exercise of the night will require two characters to be in a vehicle for the entire scene; we’ll be practicing pacing.

It helps to already have a character in mind before you show up, but if not, use yourself as a character or invent one on the spot. We don’t mind!

Critique handouts are due for:

  1. Shayla Raquel

  2. Melissa Eick

Before you get started on your critique handout, please refer to our Critique Submission Guidelines. Shayla will message you the day before with a headcount so you know how many to bring.

Critique feedback is due for:

  1. Kathleen Listman

  2. Cori Thomas

We will be discussing our feedback as a group to help our members learn and grow as writers.

To RSVP, simply fill out the box below. To GPS to Yukon Church, see the map at the end.

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