1 Is Greater Than 0


Welcome to the first episode of The Writers' Nook! Gary, Janey, Oren, and Shayla discuss the importance of a small bit of progress over no progress at all, or 1 is greater than 0. We gather together and share the struggles and plans we have in our writing journey. Here's a quick rundown:

  • What we're currently working on writing-wise

  • Challenges we face as writers, like having kiddos or fixing plot holes

  • How authors like Jerry Jenkins, Jamie McGuire, and Toni Morrison get their books finished

  • One is greater than zero: What does that mean? How will it help us as writers?

  • How close Janey is to being perfect, but not her query letter

  • Shayla laughing too loudly while beating her dogs with a towel in the background

  • Why you need to be in a writing group—no more isolation! And how hilarious we are at our own group.

  • Some of the books you'll find on the Resources page we created during this podcast

  • Keeping things authentic

  • How Gary's horrifying sleep paralysis inspired him to write a story

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