The Big World of Worldbuilding

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Welcome to the fourth episode of The Writers’ Nook! Gary, Shayla, Oren, and Janey discuss what they gleaned from the most recent workshop, The Big World of Worldbuilding.

  • What is a triple birthday birthday?

  • Shayla shares her popcorn bowl with her dog, Chanel.

  • Shayla tweezes Janey’s eyebrows.

  • Oren discusses his painkillers while teaching this class.

  • What’s a good example of a novel that created its own religion? (We’re not sure that we got the answer to this.)

  • The iceberg — what is it and how do you use it in worldbuilding?

  • How do your characters interpret their world?

  • Discussion of the books Warcross and Hope of Ages Past

  • Dig into the weeds of your setting and research, research, research

  • Consider basic infrastructure of your setting (everybody poops)

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