Writing from the Middle


Welcome to the sixth episode of The Writers’ Nook! Gary, Shayla, Oren, and Janey discuss what they gleaned from learning how to Write from the Middle.

  • What does it mean to write from the middle and why should I try it?

  • What is the Mirror Moment? (Hint: It’s quite important for your novel!)

  • Can you outline your novel from the middle?

  • Janey apparently already knew this and has been practicing writing from the middle for a while now. (She’s always one step ahead of us.)

  • Shayla should’ve written The Suicide Tree from the middle. It would’ve saved two years of misery.

  • Janey’s first coffee drink was the stuff of nightmares. (Spoiler: it involves rosemary.)

  • Who is Daddy Thanos?

  • Somehow, we started talking about heroes and villains and how they apply to what we’ve learned

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