Lessons from Hybrid Children’s Author Mariana Llanos

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We’re grateful that you’re listening, it’s time for episode sixteen! In this episode we reflect on the lessons from hybrid children’s author, Mariana Llanos. Whether you’re publishing on your own or go through a publisher, Mariana has done both. She also shared some finer details that get overlooked when thinking of the writer’s journey. Some of the things we covered were:

  • Updates on our own writing journeys.

  • Creative Spotlight: Giving praise to good writing we found in selected pieces of any medium.

  • Overview of Our Time with Mariana Llanos.

    • Who is she?

    • Reflections from the session.

  • Final quotes and plugs from the cast.

A fun night with brilliant conversations. Brew up some coffee or tea and hang out with the Yukon Writers’ Society!

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