How to Fail as a Writer

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Welcome to the third episode of The Writers’ Nook! Gary, Shayla, Oren, and Janey discuss what they gleaned from the most recent workshop, How to Fail as a Writer. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • What we’re up to in our own writing journeys.

  • Janey explains what Pit Mad on Twitter is and why you should do it.

  • How on earth does someone fail as a writer? It’s quite easy.

  • Humility? What’s that?

  • Junior High love.

  • Should you join a writers’ group?

  • Janey’s favorite joke of all time.

  • A thought or two from Dead Poets Society.

  • If you have a book with no characters, then you’re on the right track to fail as a writer (this scene is where Shayla cannot breathe from laughing).

  • The best way to pitch to agents.

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