Character Sketch: Know Your Protagonist Inside and Out


Episode number 10 and we’re back at it again! In the first podcast of the new year, we’re going to go over a character sketch we made for Selena Walker. Questions pop up as we go down a comprehensive list but so do answers. Maybe this type of list (which can be found here) can aid in your character’s development. Tune in to find out!

  • What can small touches mean to the overall portrait of a character?

  • In building contradictions, you can give your character a good dose of depth.

  • How can flaws and qualities affect relationships with other characters?

  • It’s rather surprising how much you can gleam with a small adjustment.

  • Is it possible to create entire narratives from small thread of information?

  • Can it also have larger implications on your established universe as a whole?

Shayla RaquelComment