A Conversation About Writing

Writers' Nook EP 1 (5).png

An evening both insightful and uplifting, it’s episode fifteen! We decide to curtail the usual structure and keep it casual. It all began as an important meeting regarding a certain event coming up. Afterwards, we decided to let loose on a few topics that were brought up. What to expect in this episode include:

  • A big announcement. (hint: it might involve our friend, Melissa Eick)

  • A candid stories involving a whale.

  • What do you love most about writing?

  • What’s a trope you wish you could expel from fiction?

  • What literary character do you aspire to be?

It was a fun night and while it didn’t go off the rails, the hype train did tilt a little bit!

Check us out below!

Shayla Raquel: https://linktr.ee/shaylaleeraquel

Janey Merry: https://www.janeymerry.com/

Melissa Eick: https://www.thedragonflyhome.org/

Gary Medina: https://linktr.ee/g_air_e