Summer Writer Bash Ticket

Summer Writer Bash Ticket


Summer Writer Bash Ticket

Saturday, July 6

Work on your story. Eat fried chicken. Meet author friends.

Come join the members of Yukon Writers' Society at our Summer Writer Bash on
Saturday, July 6 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Yukon Church in Yukon, Oklahoma.

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The Schedule*

11:00 AM — Meet & Greet

We’ll kick things off with a little bit of chitchat and coffee-drinking. If you’re looking to make author friends, then we’ve got you covered.

11:15 AM — Amber Helt, What’s an Outline? Finding the Right Tool for Your Book

Are you a pantser or a plotter? Can you be both or, dare we say it, neither? Every story's unique cadence requires a unique approach to structuring your plot lines. In this session, fiction editor and writing coach Amber Helt will examine genre conventions, character arcs, popular tropes, and target readers alongside our discussion on the different plotting techniques available for fiction writers of today's market. Your book doesn't fit neatly in a box, and neither should your outlining style.

12:15 PM — Lunch

Is there anything better than fried chicken on a summer day?

1:30 PM — Writing Exercises

Gary Medina, our trustee and charter member, will be leading us in a few writing exercises to kickstart our creativity.

2:15 PM — Literary Jeopardy — Win a Prize!

Janey Merry, our trustee and charter member, will be keeping us on the edge of our seats—literally—with a rousing game of Literary Jeopardy.

2:30 PM — “So Here’s My Problem . . .” Panel

Writers hit roadblocks. This panel is meant to help any writer, no matter his or her skill level, overcome a problem and get direction.

3:00 PM — Amber Helt, Using Metaphor to Reflect Your Hero’s Arc

As you grow, you see the world differently. Well, so do your characters. Fiction editor Amber Helt will lead a discussion on how to theme the metaphors in your character’s POV narrative to subtly demonstrate their growth to your readers. Using this method, we can show your character’s motivations, personality, and evolution over the course of the story.

4:00 PM — Share with the Class (CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT FORM!)

If you would like to share a piece from your book or work-in-progress, use this time to do so.

5:00 PM — Closing Remarks

*Schedule could change so check back

Our Speaker


Amber Helt is a professional editor and writing coach with experience working with traditional publishing houses, independent presses, and self-publishers. In 2016, she decided to act on her frustrations of not getting enough face time with the authors she served and opened Rooted in Writing. Her editorial agency prides itself on strong client relationships and gardener-minded editing, where authors leave with not just a pruned manuscript but the seeds to grow as a writer in their next project. Since then, she has helped several authors publish Amazon bestsellers, including two of her ghostwriting projects. Outside of editing, Amber writes dark fantasy, freelances as a theater lighting designer, and participates in her local French club. Learn more at

The Venue

YUKON CHURCH — 11715 NW 10th Street, Yukon, OK 73099

We will be meeting in the conference room of Yukon Church. Please park in the back and go through the back door. Simply follow the signs!

The Food

We’ll be catering our lunch from Chicken Express in Yukon. If you have food allergies, please notify us or consider packing a lunch.