SHIVERS IN THE NIGHT more than delivers what it promises. Make sure all your windows and doors are locked, and at least several lights on to help keep the scares away!
— The Mistress Dark

Shivers in the Night

Featuring ten original short stories, Shivers in the Night is the first anthology written by Yukon Writers' Society members. Each original story embraces the art of suspense and terror with a knack for heart-pounding endings.

In Spinner's Tale, brace yourself for a tangled web of horror. While diving into A Pretty Facade, don't be fooled by Maria's perfect life. There's more than just science at play in the Texas body farm in The Rotting. Old photographs and an odd cat lead Janie to a house with a hair-raising secret. And Mr. Sweaters's Gift isn't a gift at all.

Shivers in the Night sends you to the darkest corners of your mind and keeps you awake well into the night.

For a quick break from reality, these vignettes are a fun little escape, or just do the buffet and read them all at once. Either way, this book is a nice little addition to my library.
— Steve Taintor


Our first book signing at Mabel C. Fry library. Video by Gary Medina.