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Quick Details

Writer Olympics 2019

Take the Leap. Beat Writer’s Block. Finish Your Novel.

Saturday, October 19 — 9 AM – 5 PM

Are you ready to compete in the Writer Olympics? Come join the members of Yukon Writers' Society at their conference on Saturday, October 19 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Yukon Church in Yukon, Oklahoma. Their goal is to help beginner, advanced, and in-between writers take the leap, beat writer's block, and finish their novels. Save $15 until August 5!

Short and Sweet Stuff

Want to take the leap and finish your novel? Join the Yukon Writers’ Society on Oct. 19 for their annual Writer Olympics in OKC:

Stuck in a rut? Beat writer’s block and finish your novel at the YWS Writer Olympics in OKC on Oct. 19:

Writing a memoir? Come hear Shari Bower speak on writing about her husband who spent 30+ years on death row. YWS Writer Olympics is Oct. 19 in OKC:

Interested in YA fiction? Keynote speaker and YA author Kayla Olson will teach you how to make a compelling YA novel at the YWS Writer Olympics on Oct. 19 in OKC:

If you have an amazing character but are struggling to sustain their storylines—or if your intricate, masterfully crafted plot feels a bit flat on personality—have no fear. Tex Thompson is here! She’ll help you at the YWS Writer Olympics on Oct. 19 in OKC:

To cross the finish line, writers need to understand how to create and maintain their writing momentum and motivation. Marie Korman has got your back! Join her at the YWS Writer Olympics on Oct. 19 in OKC:

Which books, podcasts, websites, and Facebook and Instagram groups have the best material? Find out at Mistie Cogdill’s session at the YWS Writer Olympics on Oct. 19 in OKC:

Are you ready to have the best book launch ever? Shayla Raquel guides you through her one-of-a-kind plan to launch Amazon bestsellers. Come see her on Oct. 19 in OKC at the YWS Writer Olympics:


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